What Planet Is This?

Hello friends.

It has taken me a full month just to wrap my mind around the details and poor handling of Corona Virus by the GOP, and quite honestly the congressional and senatorial Democrats as well.  Chaos theory applies. It feels a little like I blinked one day, and somehow landed in a science fiction movie…the worst kind, like we used to watch as preteens at slumber parties. Remember the B grade radiation movie where spiders grew bigger than normal in vacuum cleaner bags, and ripped through the bags to take over the world?  We are experiencing more of a real life horror, but this is where we are, and though we must social distance, there is comfort in knowing that the hive mind is navigating all the same issues as we are. May our collective selves be more patient, understanding and courageous than normal, to bridge this gap in reality.

I had surgery scheduled for March 17th with a hot-shot top surgeon in Seattle, but the date changed, first to April 7th and later to “sometime in May”. The idea was to finally fix my arm and shoulder, but then all non-essential surgeries were cancelled due to influx of Corona Virus patients. I agree that makes sense, and I am not in any pain. I was ecstatic to postpone the surgery when I saw the number of Corona Virus cases active in Seattle.  Seattle has been treading water since the beginning of March, as it was the first place in the country that had to deal with the virus. My surgeon actually had to take his littles into his office two days in a row because his day care closed without warning. The surgery will happen eventually.

I joined an online  zoom mediumship group recently, and planned to just observe the first two times, since it had been many months since I had some success in another group.  (I had quit attending because I was dealing with shoulder issues and mentally getting ready for surgery).  Instead of simply observing I was put on the spot to do a mediumship reading in front of the group, without warning, on my second visit.  I told him that I truly didn’t know what I was doing yet, and wasn’t sure why or how it had worked another time, but the facilitator instructed me to do it anyway.  Imagine my surprise when I linked to spirit and an evidential flow of pictures and thoughts from spirit began to flow, just like before.  That was the 3rd time that spirit showed up, and the following week it happened again.  

I ordered The Course In Mediumship by Martin Twycross, initially, just to have something interesting to do after my surgery.   Martin is a well respected Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College approved tutor and Spiritual Medium in the U.K.  I highly recommend it!  Martin is a great tutor, sincere, warm and entertaining. I am enjoying it very much.

The course is huge, equivalent to 80 course hours, and really beyond just good. It contains answers to all the questions I have been looking for, and many others I hadn’t even thought of yet! Certification is an option (Martin’s stamp of approval that one has taken his course, taken adequate notes, and processed his teachings satisfactorily) as well. While it doesn’t certify one as a medium, it does give one a thorough education of what is most important in spiritual mediumship, and may add a little respectability quotient to my skills, eventually.

 I recently joined another really great group of evidential mediums who allow practice readings by new mediums, reading people you don’t know who are also expert mediums.  After I get about 50 practice readings under my belt, I hope I can learn to represent spirit well by bringing peace and a measure of joy to their loved ones in the earth realm.  So, during the state wide shelter in place order, I am learning in leaps and bounds, and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

What are all of you doing to keep busy and sane during this long period of confinement? I would love to hear from you, so that maybe we can benefit from each other’s ideas.  

Be well, and stay safe! 



Fall, apples, wind, rain, wet leaves and fresh apple cider.  This is my favorite time of the year.  Last week was a blur as I rushed to gather the remaining Sage, Horehound and Echinacea from the herb garden before the first frost.  My drying racks are full of medicinal herbs that will see my family through the winter months to come.

Our cat purrs on the arm of my recliner.   White bean Chicken Chili simmers on the stove. Happy fall!