Happy “2022!”

A stranded knit coaster

Hello friends,

I pretty much bailed on this blog the entire past year. I’m not sure why, and it wasn’t a decision, really, except my feelings about all the happenings in our world were much bigger than my ability to fit them into words. We are still pretty much all dealing with many of the same issues we were last year. Covid, the economy, political maneuvers by both the good guys and bad guys, climate change, food safety and TP supply. But maybe we have learned we are all stronger and more creative than we thought. We’re going to get through this and thrive again. Differently? Sure. We have all been changed, because the unthinkable has happened in a million different versions. But, maybe we will be better, too.

I have had a lot of time to practice on stranded knitting skills, and the hardest thing about it is getting the tension correct, carrying yarn in both hands and floating the unused color every 3-4 stitches along the back as you go. I’m happy to report, “By jove, I’ve finally got it!” I made my first (finished) stranded knitting project recently. Snowflake coasters!

My focus on mediumship development has remained. It has grown to the point I am now fully committed to it. I am learning and practicing with other mediums I don’t know to refine my skills and presentation of communications from spirit. I have joined a development circle of other mediums that meet weekly, as well as practicing 1:1. The next step is practicing 1:1 with friends of friends, or other non-mediums I don’t know. I have created a new, additional blog on WP to encompass that part of my life. If you are interested in following that part of my world, the new blog link is: https://messengerforspirit136467105.wordpress.com .

I still love cooking, baking, herbs and making misc. creative projects, and will continue to post those here as I do so. It is my hope you will still want to read them. Thanks for being here!


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I enjoy learning about and growing medicinal and culinary herbs, making herbal soaps, salves, tinctures, syrups and my own herbal tea blends. A lifelong interest in dreaming led me to a 4 year, formal, Jungian Analysis. I’ve studied spirit, mediumship and spent a lot of time on self-development for over 40 years. I’m still so amazed at the symmetry and sparkling intelligence of the universe.

3 thoughts on “Happy “2022!””

  1. Hi Marci!

    I love your knitting. I wanted to send you these photos of a sweater my mother knitted for my son 40 years ago. These are my favorite colors too — the bright red and blue. I’ve always kept it and can’t wait for Augie to wear it. I think it’s what you call your “stranded knitting”. I’m nowhere near this skill so cudos to you for creating your beautiful piece. I miss my mom. Growing up with WW1 and the Depression, she could knit or sew anything. I know she’s still around though. I feel her and often my dad visits too. Mostly I see his false teeth in a glass of water;)

    So glad you’re still exploring your mediumship. I’m looking forward to moving back closer to my mediumship teacher next year. I’m buying a home for me and my kids so I can be there for all my grandson’s milestones and everyday love.

    One day, when the world shifts and our borders are gone, we’ll get together and have such a time! I can’t wait to meet you and share stories!

    blessings and hugs, Wendy

    W.L. Hawkin

    “myth, magic & mayhem”

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    1. Hello, and Happy New Year, Wendy! Thank you so much. That coaster was the first time my stranded knitting turned out great! I am so happy! 😃

      Did you mean to attach photos to your comment? I would love to see that sweater! You could sent the pics to my gmail.

      I agree we will have a great time when we finally get to meet! 🥰 It is so wonderful you are buying a house near that darling grandson of yours. 🤞Covid is bound to leave eventually. I can hardly wait! xoxo

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