Mediumship, a Perspective

A blogging buddy inquired about my recent post where I mentioned I was pursuing certification in mediumship. The Course in Mediumship is offered by a wonderful British medium who is an approved tutor at Arthur Findley College in the UK, and the founder of the UK Academy of Mediumship. The course is centered around the theory and practice of mediumship, spirituality, psychic aptitudes and techniques to be the best medium you can be. It has answered many questions for me, and I have learned a great deal.

Since certification is a course option, I am working on qualifying for it. It requires extensive notes, including my personal narrative and interpretation of video lectures to be evaluated by the UK Academy of Mediumship. It won’t certify me as a medium, per se. Only spirit and other mediums can confirm that, and they have already done so.

Certification will offer a credential of effort, stating that I have studied and understood the theory and foundation of mediumship, including professional ethics, spiritual and self development, and techniques of the medium. I don’t have a wow-wall, but a certificate that caps a lifetime of navigating random experiences with spirits will feel meaningful to me. Because mediumship is not a licensed profession, whatever competencies one can grow into seem valuable.

The more I have learned about mediumship, the less I feel I actually know. Evidential Mental Mediumship is a telepathically based endeavor, aided by good psychic skills, people skills, logic, the visual skills of an artist, a flexible mind, curiosity, good communication skills, a sense of humor and the heart to be a helper.

Empathy is crucial, as is a commitment to personal spiritual development, the ability to mentally multi-task and strong boundaries. There is a great deal more to it than most people realize. It has zero to do with tarot cards or crystal balls. It takes place entirely within the mind.

Mediumship skills are greatly boosted when paired with a working knowledge of our physical world, including geography, sociological and cultural education, medical terminology, anatomy, symbols, history, historical fashion trends, people’s names and psychology. One doesn’t have to be a scholar or have all those attributes, but any and all are helpful because spirits themselves communicate with extraordinary intelligence. A lack of knowledge may cause the medium to misinterpret the intent or details of the communication.

If you have never experienced a sitting with a really excellent medium, you may associate mediumship with velvet tapestries, parlor tricks, or shadowy seances from haunted house movies. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Good mediums lead normal everyday lives except that they have the ability to communicate with spirits. They don’t require, and generally don’t use, props of any kind. They are, by definition, well-rounded human beings. They are also professional, in every sense of the word.

I have been mediumistic since I was a child. Many of the mediums I know, myself included, didn’t ask for their abilities. In fact, I and many others tried for a very long time to ignore and avoid them! When it became clear, early on, that my family did not believe in my experiences and were embarrassed or irritated by them, I learned to keep them to myself, including becoming adept at hiding them from my friends and colleagues. I didn’t realize my experiences had significant meaning for who I was ultimately becoming or what my random experiences meant. Though sometimes helpful to me, my encounters with spirit didn’t follow any exact pattern except the gift returned periodically, no matter how many ways I tried to stuff it. I was middle-aged by the time the books I had read on the topic filled several bookshelves. The internet opened other vistas and I finally realized my experiences fit the pattern and mold of a medium. Doh! As I accepted the idea privately, and started meditating every day, the experiences increased in volume and frequency.

I am not looking for a full-time career at this point in my life. Because I am happily retired I will offer my skills to benefit others as I am able to, while still enjoying the rest of my life. I am not looking for fame or fortune, only a way to use my skills to offer the healing of spirit and mediumship to others small scale.