Savoring Spring

This spring seems extra magical to me. I missed out on most of it last year, as I was stuck inside due to shoulder surgery. I am making up for lost time, this year.

IMG 0237

My husband, Tom, enjoys building furniture and all manner of wonderful wood-working projects.  Our next door neighbor is also a woodworker, and owns a mill, but has nowhere to keep it.  By agreement, we store the mill on our property across the road from our main property.  The mill belongs to our neighbor, and the extra property parcel belongs to us.  It works out great for both of us to keep the mill over there because both guys can easily access it, and all the sawdust stays with it.  

We were gifted in February with a huge pile of 50-year-old, untreated, cedar telephone poles. Tom did some other millwork for a guy and they became friends.

IMG 0238

We have wanted to build raised beds for strawberries and a kitchen garden, so Tom milled up some of the telephone poles. The wood was beautiful and clear with tight knots.

IMG 0234

Tom and his woodworking buddy started building the raised beds, and within a day they were done.

IMG 0231

Whoo-hoo! Strawberries fill one of them, and we’ve planted seeds of Chives, Tarragon, Cilantro, Rainbow Carrots, Green Onions and Genovese Basil in the other one.  I can hardly wait for fresh Basil Pesto.

IMG 0309

Our Rose Rugosa is in full production, and I am able to fill a basket every day with its fragrant petals. The flowers are lovely in many herbal recipes.


IMG 1018
Rosa Rugosa


IMG 0308

Calendula is coming on, and Yarrow blooms will open in the next few days, too. Calendula flowers have to be picked every day, and their stems are so sticky my hands get coated with resin. But their scent and herbal usefulness make it worth it.  It won’t be long until my Apothecary cabinet is full again.


IMG 3356
Orange Calendula


IMG 0300

Don’t you love fresh flowers on the kitchen windowsill in the spring? Batchelor Buttons beckoned, as they were the first to bloom.

IMG 0304

C’mon, Lavender and Elderberry! Happy spring to all.