Paranormal World|Dreams entering Reality

Sharing this wonderful post by Alan Conrad!  It so clearly animates the sparkly, connecting thread that weaves between physical and psychic reality.  If you’re not paying attention you can miss it altogether.


Paranormal World|Dreams entering Reality

Paranormal World|Dreams entering Reality
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A Case For Spirit

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There is a skeleton in the family closet that has been hiding in there for 50-60 years. I believe I have long been the only one who cares or dares to rattle those bones. Perhaps I am just a natural subversive.

Its almost as if the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents were all in cahoots, with their lips glued shut forever on the subject, because so and so said, or simply because the truth was too inconvenient or disturbing to process. My family of origin seemed most comfortable in various stages of denial. I, on the other hand, have always been a realist.

All the old guard family members are deceased now and weren’t forthcoming with me about the issue, to begin with. That leaves me as the only place holder for the secret.

A week or so ago, I caught myself mulling over the mystery, again. I realized for the very first time that some elements of the story, as told to me, do not sync. That in itself was curious. WTF? Why did it take me fifty years to figure that out?

During my morning meditation, I threw the thought out to Spirit, the universe, or whoever was listening that I needed more information so I could put the issue to rest.

Later that day there was new information in my mind, all at once, showing me that my long-deceased mother was at the center of the mystery. It was accompanied by the suggestion that I go back through all the old letters between deceased relatives and my mother to find the answer. That is how Claircognizance works. It is about knowing, is associated with the crown chakra and often occurs in those who are writers and/or logic, analytical, thinking-oriented individuals. That is so me.

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Claircognizance often occurs in response to a question, spoken or not. Like the other Clairs, it is usually based on a need to know. It is best compared to an instant download of several pages worth of information at once, including unseen connections and steps to the resolution of the matter, all in less than 15 seconds. Always, always, it is information you do not personally know. It is hard to recognize this Clair in action, at first, as the information often slips into the mind so gently and suddenly it can feel like it is just your own random thoughts. Many people are Claircognizant and just do not realize it.

Once in a while, when someone else voices a question about an important issue, my mouth will fly open and I will begin speaking the answer before I have time to even think about it. Since it is invariably information I truly know nothing about, it can feel embarrassing. However, my experience with Claircognizance has proved it to be deadly accurate. I have learned over the years that I should trust it, or I might wish I had.

My first instinct, though, was to argue against such a simple solution and also against the idea that my mom created the family secret, to begin with. I didn’t want to believe that about her. Plus, I had sentimentally scanned through all those old letters and photos I had inherited from various relatives already, years ago. Mostly they referenced the weather or other mundane issues of the day.  I felt a classic dragging my feet resistance from my mind, like a tug-of-war.

I decided to sleep on it. The minute my head hit the pillow, the skeleton started making bone-music in my head. It danced around in my mind, like a discordant violin in a symphony, keeping me awake for much of the night.

The next morning I dug through the pile of letters. As I re-read them, I took notes in outline form, noting postmark dates, addresses and situations referred to in the letters. Alongside those details, I wrote down timelines, addresses, and corroborating details I personally knew were true from memories of my own life.

Eureka! There was my answer. I just never thought to check the dates the first time I read the letters. I didn’t know there was a mystery, then. There’s nobody left to complain to, so at this point, I am just glad to know the truth.

The next time you have information in your head that you don’t think you know, follow the threads to find out for sure.

Healing Arnica Salve

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A good friend just had surgery on one of her knees. Arnica to the rescue! I try to make sure I always have dried Arnica Montana or infused Arnica oil in the cupboard.

I made an infusion of dried Arnica Montana with olive oil in a small crockpot just for her, because I know the power of it firsthand from my own surgery a year ago. I have foraged for it fresh before, in higher elevations, but this is the wrong time of the year.

Arnica resolves stuck blood (like bruises), helps reduce swelling and offers some pain relief for trauma or arthritis as well. You can order dried Arnica Montana from online herb suppliers. Two of my favorite suppliers are Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon and Dandelion Botanicals, in Seattle, WA. I have not been impressed by the Arnica products easily available in the supermarket or drug store. The Arnica in those products must be extremely dilute. I tried many and they did not work.

To make your own oil infusion from dried Arnica:

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Place 1 and 1/8 cup olive oil in a small, 1 quart crock pot. Stir in 1 cup of dried, crumbled Arnica blossoms. Set crock pot to warm or low, and monitor the temperature. Heat, but insure that the temperature does not exceed 130. Turn off crock pot, place a lid on it, and when it cools to room temp, repeat the heating routine 1-2 more times. Allow to sit, covered, overnight.

To make Arnica salve:
Strain the oil through a wire mesh strainer, into a Pyrex 2 cup liquid measuring cup. pressing and squeezing the mash as dry as you can.

IMG 0027

Place the measuring cup on a small rack in a saucepan filled with water that climbs about halfway up the measuring cup of oil. Add 1.25 ounces (weighed) of beeswax pellets or shaved beeswax.

IMG 0029

Heat on low heat, stirring occasionally, to about
156-160 degrees. Beeswax will be transparent or melted altogether. Remove from heat. Ladle into jars or tins on a tray. As you fill them lightly place a lid over each container. Don’t try to secure them. Do not move the tray for at least 2 hours.

Optional: When mixture is 140 degrees, stir in a half teaspoon of Wintergreen essential oil, then immediately ladle into jars. Store in cupboard 2-3 months or in refrigerator for longer shelf life.