Christmas Magick



Once upon a time, 30 Christmases ago, the mailman delivered a life changing parcel to our home. It was addressed to me, but I didn’t recognize the address or the handwriting.

Inside that box were three hand knit Christmas stockings, one with my name on it, and the other two were inscribed with my two children’s names. They exactly matched the stockings my husband and his sisters had treasured since they were children. They were made by my husbands maternal aunt on the east coast, who I had never even met!

I was so touched it made me teary. Except for my grandma, nobody had ever made anything this nice for me. I told myself that one day I would learn to knit socks and make Christmas stockings for other children and newcomers to our family. It turns out, socks are my favorite projects to knit!


Aunt Cal passed on 4 years ago, but last time we met she said her heart was lighter knowing I was going to carry on the Christmas stocking tradition. Making them, and gifting them, brings the joy and light of the season straight into my own heart.



I’m Back…


Hello everyone.  I didn’t just bail on my blog.  I took a fall over a year ago blowing out my shoulder and sustaining a fracture of my right arm just below my shoulder as well.   And yes, of course, I am right-handed.   A stainless plate and 8 screws were installed during surgery and have been holding it all together for a while. Healing from that has been such a trial of patience for me.


white concrete buddha statue
I felt like this!

For several months I couldn’t wear a coat, couldn’t write, couldn’t type, couldn’t drive, couldn’t go outdoors to walk by myself, was unable to sew, knit, cook, bake or even hold a book, i.e., all the things I love to do!  Meditation helped me become fairly adept at accepting my limitations and letting go of what I couldn’t do.    My husband has been amazing and wonderfully helpful the entire time.  I am so thankful.

Physical therapy has helped recently, and at this point I can do most of what I love to do, though there are still weight restrictions on what I can lift and I can’t raise my arm very high yet.  Over all, I am feeling so happy and grateful to have my life back, it almost feels like magic.

I have missed my morning walks, and I have really missed reading so many of your great blogs, too.  Here’s to beginning again!