Chamomile Harvest

The cuttings of just one German Chamomile plant filled the harvesting basket.  I am only growing two this year, and enjoyed an early harvest.  I hope to see a 2nd, full bloom before the extreme summer temperatures kick in, but after that the flowers are pretty much random.  Their scent is so sweet and lovely!

Our neighbors are expecting a baby girl in late June, which gives me just enough time to solar infuse Chamomile, Rosa Rugosa petals and Lavender flower buds in Rice Bran and Meadowfoam Seed oils, both of which are high in fatty acids and known for their gentleness.  It is such a pleasure to gift a batch of herbal diaper balm to new mothers.



Garbling Chamomile can be a bit of tedium, but as luck would have it a friend dropped by.  We had a good visit and a glass of wine while I snipped the flowers off the stems!

The flowers from both plants filled these three drying baskets.  They will be dry in about a week, and fill two quart jars for the pantry, for later use.

By the end of the season, solar herbal infusions will fill my kitchen window sill.  =D  I infuse herbs in oil by the simpling method, because it allows me to specifically combine or exchange infused oils of equal strength for salves or balms.

The center jar is filled with Cottonwood buds in olive oil, solar infusing since January, and I probably won’t strain them off until the end of June.  It takes several months to dissolve the resinous coating of the buds in oil by the solar method.  But,  I’m not in a hurry and they aren’t an ingredient in my diaper balm recipe.   I  just enjoy seeing the colorful, healing jars of herbs and oils as I go about my day.



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I am an Herbie, and enjoy learning about and growing medicinal and culinary herbs, making herbal soaps, salves, tinctures, syrups and infusions.

15 thoughts on “Chamomile Harvest”

      1. Just realized you meant you wanted to buy the 3x Calendula oil, not the dried chamomile 😜. I don’t currently have enough to sell any. I just noticed the first blossom of Calendula yesterday! I will do a blog post on how to make it as soon as I have several cups of blossoms. Do you grow Calendula?

  1. I have my first crop of Chamomile growing this year. I had a slight moment of doubt yesterday that I have not planted the type of chamomile I thought I had (Roman). I looked it up online to check but, to be honest, the photos were very similar. There are 18 to 20 petals and the scent is honey. Does this sound hopeful to you?!

    I am also not entirely certain when to harvest but did read that it is best to do so on a warm day when alk the flowers are out.

    Any thoughts/advice much appreciated, thanks! Many blessings.

    1. Hi! I have not grown Roman Chamomile, but I harvest German Chamomile in the late morning on a dry day, when most all the flowers have opened, using a scythe to cut large handfuls of stems together. You could use large garden shears instead. Then, Snip off each flower head and place on tray to dry a few days before storing in a glass jar. Hope this helps?

      1. Thank you, I shall follow that advice!

        I shall research further and check what I have. Do your chamomile flowers smell of honey? It looks like a daft question but it might help me with at least identifying I have one which is drinkable lol. Still, we all have to learn 😉

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