Still Room Adventures Ahead!



This may prove to be my most magical growing season, ever.

Herbs have been seducing me for over twenty years, beginning as a soap maker. Using a few herbs in my soaps somehow led to growing my own herb garden and making lotions, potions and medicinal remedies for my family. Since I can’t grow every herb I want, I have learned to identify and forage for some herbs in the wild. There are so many dimensions to the plant kingdom that even a lifetime is not enough.

This summer will be filled with mad scientist adventures!  I recently figured out that the process of learning is almost as much fun as the successes are, to me.   I ordered a 2 liter glass Still for my soap making room, which will allow me to make small amounts of steam distilled Essential Oils and Hydrosols from the plants surrounding me. (Once I know what I am doing!) There will be a learning curve to the process of distillation, and I will happily share my mishaps and triumphs in this blog.

Do you steam distill or think you might want to someday?


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Green Magick

I am an Herbie, and enjoy learning about and growing medicinal and culinary herbs, making herbal soaps, salves, tinctures, syrups and infusions.

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