Ostara, Spring Equinox!


Tra-la, it’s finally spring!

We feel really lucky to have a greenhouse. It is not a big one, (8’x10′) and not a new one, but it is just right for us. In 2014 we bought it for almost nothing from friends who didn’t want it, and moved it on a flatbed truck to the field behind our home.  It was a short, but precarious journey at 25 mph on back roads!  Once we got it home, we excavated a 6 inch deep “floor”, lined it with weed cloth and gravel, and secured it with a new foundation.

Last summer  we learned what not to do in a greenhouse, and this year we almost know what we are doing! We celebrated this new season of beginnings by rooting starts of Lavender, Garden Sage, Thyme, Hyssop and Mint from existing plants, and planting many new medicinal herb seeds.


I made some herb garden scrub soap this week, too, as I am definitely going to need it in the coming months.  What are your spring traditions?










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Green Magick

I am an Herbie, and enjoy learning about and growing medicinal and culinary herbs, making herbal soaps, salves, tinctures, syrups and infusions.

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